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Welcome to 10.02´s site about their trip to holland
by Steen Grode

Ah finally... All this is about teaching math without words or as I sometimes call it: Reinventing silent movie.
And where did all this begin? Well the story goes way back to when I was in lower secondary school and had a experience as we should learn to collaborate. We had to do an abstract puzzle but wasn't allowed any kind of communication. This made ​​a huge impression on me in many aspects.
Years later I changed this puzzle into a more mathematical problemsolving task but kept the rules about no communication what so ever. But this is just part of the story.
Another part is a frustration on the difficulties that students have to communicate with each other when doing student exchange. This led to an idea to remove that barrier by simply removing the language and this was the actual birth of Math Without Words.

Coincidentally, there was an American company who shortly after began making software with the basic idea to teach mathematics without using words.

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by 10.02 on Sep 02, 2011 at 09:39 AM
Welcome! Math without words is a homepage produced by a team of danish math students, studying to become school teachers. The site is a slideshow of their work with “math without words”.Math without words is an unconventional teaching method. To g... Read More